Skout Filled My Life With Friends

It never occurred to me until recently that this little device in the palm of my hand could help me solve all of my problems. I recently moved to a new city, and it has been tough finding new friends to hang out with on my off time. I would ask my associates at work, […]

Skout: Dating For A New Generation

Skout was one of the first dating apps that was created for people who wanted a date and wanted to be able to find that date on their own phone. It was revolutionary in the way that it allowed people to find someone who they could connect with in their own area or around the […]

Slyce Comes Up With Amazing New Beta Programs

Slyce has garnered a lot of interest from consumers who like to make their shopping experience an easy one. The Toronto-based company has developed an excellent visual search app that makes it extremely easy for customers to find merchandise on a retail site. The app simply takes a picture of merchandise via a mobile device’s […]

Flipora Brings New Innovation To Search Engines

Advancements in technology always begin with great ideas. The earliest inventions that have had an impact upon humanity were started with concepts that were inconceivable to most. When it comes to the world of technology, there is always an idea that precedes the greatness of the idea before it. In the case of search engines, […]

Skout Has Become Popular Quickly

There are many great online dating apps and websites out there for those who choose to meet their special someone in that way, and online dating has become quite popular through the years. There have been many success stories of people meeting someone online and falling in love with them, and there have also been […]