Keeping Tabs with Jose Auriemo Neto’s Show of Might in Brazil’s Real Estate Industry

With José Auriemo Neto leading the JHSF Group, the company has known nothing but success. Being its CEO and executive chairman, Jose has made it his job to help the real estate firm to dominate the local industry and at the same time extend its services outside Brazil. In 2008, he led JHSF in establishing a base in Bahio by constructing Horto Bela Vista- a private neighborhood estate.

Horto Bela Vista

Jose Auriemo made sure that the launching of Horto Bela Vista was done in style, color, and glamour. On 30th July 2008, he organized a once in a lifetime event at Castro Alves Theater where guests were treated to an entertaining concert. Some of the notable artists who entertained guests at the event included Frank Sinatra Jr., an international singer based in the USA, and singer Gal Costa who was a special appearance. The audience was treated to hits such as Girl from Ipanema, My Way, and New York, New York. At the end of it all, Jose Auriemo and his entire team at JHSF Group had managed to break ground for future success in Bahio’s real estate sector.

Catarina Airport in Sao Roque

Fast forward to 2013 and Jose led JHSF Group in signing a lucrative business deal with Mayor Daniel de Oliveira Costa of Brasilia for the construction of Catarina Airport in Sao Roque. The deal that was estimated to be worth R $1.2 Billion stands out as one of the biggest deals JHSF Group ever sealed under Jose Auriemo. The project started in September 2013 and was to continue up to 2015. To know more about him click here.

According to plan, Catarina Airport was designed to cover a ground space of approximately two million square meters and have an expansion area of 2500 square meters. After sealing the deal, Jose revealed that the airport would be largely used for domestic aviation and would, therefore, reduce road congestion in both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Catarina Fashion Outlet

Still in Sao Roque, Jose Auriemo and JHSF were opening the Catarina Fashion Outlet in October 2013. The fashion outlet was developed by JHSF as part of a greater plan of a Catarina Business Center. This outlet hosts stores, food restaurants, and cinema hall. It also has a wide parking area.


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