Why Madison Street Capital is a Go-to Financial Services Company

Madison Street Capital, a Chicago-based financial services firm, has a reputation for providing financial advice to enterprises all over the globe. It also assists its clients to navigate complex transactions, make informed investment decisions, and access credit. In fact, Madison Street Capital earned its reputation through successfully helping a broad range of popular enterprises/companies such as Vital Care Industries. Here are some of the other accomplishments that have helped to cement Madison Street Capital’s reputation.


The Recognition of Anthony Marsala


Anthony Marsala is one of the renowned co-founders of Madison Street Capital. The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts awarded him under the 40 Under Forty category. The recognition is given to young business individuals with impressive accomplishments revolving around valuations and mergers among other related exploits.


Industry Awards/Recognitions


In January 2017, Madison scooped the Turnaround Award. This recognition acknowledged the firm’s role in 2016’s restructuring deal whose value was below $25 million. Additionally, Madison Street Capital was named as one of the M&A Advisor Awards finalists during the summer of 2016. The firm scooped the finalist position mainly due to its role in facilitating the best merger transaction valued under $100 million.


Philanthropic Endeavors


Away from business, Madison Street Capital has enhanced its popularity through making charitable donations. It made significant contributions during 2011 after harsh weather conditions damaged parts of the United States. Furthermore, Madison makes charitable contributions to various non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross and United Way.


To maintain business success is not an easy feat. However, Madison has strived to do so through award winning professionals like Marsala, scooping industry recognitions, supporting the community and providing valuable services to renowned companies. Learn more: https://www.pinterest.com/MSCadvisors/


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital, a financial services company, established in 2005. It has the appropriate experience, extensive relationships, and knowledge to match other leading middle market investment banking institutions. The firm also delivers a broad range of financial services such as financial opinions, valuation for financial reporting, corporate advisory and business valuation just to mention a few. Madison is also well known for providing customers with unparalleled mergers and acquisition services.


As one of the leading middle market banking firms, Madison Street Capital is a go-to firm for clients seeking acquisitions, building a sound exit plan or those looking for a favorable lending partner. Currently, the firm’s operations are spread out across the globe in various locations like Asia, Africa, and North America. Additionally, Madison firmly believes in supporting the community through donating to charitable organizations such as United Way.



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