Sawyer Howitt Talks About How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur At A Young Age

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur that brings many years of experience to the industry of finances while working for his father’s business. He has recently taken notice of the skills that many have offered in relation to their age. Many people may think that millennials have a sense of entitlement and they may not want to work hard for what they have. However, Howitt takes special notion in pointing how young entrepreneurs can become and remain successful in the business world. The stereotypes can be abolished, leaving a generation of prosperity and wisdom.

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Mr. Howitt brings up the fact that the millennials typically start their business endeavors in their mid-20’s, which many have experienced in the older generation starting in their 30’s. A company that reports business findings called Fortune, states that millennials are starting more businesses than the baby boomers ever did, and they are bringing in more of a profit. With the years of experience and success that Howitt has, Sawyer Howitt capitalizes on five different ways that young businesses can stand up for what they believe.

The first step is acquiring the ability to prove your value. You may be looked at differently than someone with years of experience because of your age, but you can excel by promoting your knowledge and accomplishments. By working diligently and effectively, you will envelop results that cannot be ignored by older executives. One of the most important steps and values is to be honest. When working with other business professionals, it’s entirely too important to uphold honest standards and perform work with integrity and positive mannerisms. The third step entitles a self-evaluation as one with the ability to market their efforts. Make sure that your hard work and efforts do not go unnoticed. With a world of experienced and highly qualified professionals, you don’t want to ever give up on your ideas. They are valuable and exquisite, so make sure that they are being focused on as well. Last but not least, ensure that you turn your age into an advantage. Howitt talks about how being younger can give you leverage to work longer hours or at inconvenient times compared to those who have families.

Sawyer Howitt works as a project manager in his father’s company, David Howitt, Meriwether Group.

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