Finding Fulfillment in Being a Solution

A gap is always filled when someone helps another person. This void is fulfilled even better when a person helps someone who cannot pay them. Ubuntu Foundation gives people this opportunity. It gives people an opportunity to improve their community. This will enable the community to develop because people are influencing it positively. The Ubuntu Foundation is offering an opportunity to young people to volunteer and improve their community. This enables the young people in the various communities to have a direct connection with their communities.

Ubuntu Foundation is an organization that cares about the poor people in the society. This organization has given an opportunity to poor children by empowering them with different resources. Ubuntu Foundation creates a platform for the children from basic education up to university level. Ubuntu Foundation raises its capital from various well-wishers in the community. It has changed the lives of people. The people whose lives have been changed volunteer at the organization as well. This enables the poor children to believe that there is hope in life. It makes them believe that they will achieve anything in life.

Andrew Rolfe founded Ubuntu Foundation. Andrew Rolfe created the foundation because of his passion for helping the poor children. He developed this organization so that the society could be an inclusive community. The foundation was a small organization that could not stand on its own when it began. Andrew Rolfe approached many people who did not buy into his vision. This did not discourage him because he desired to see a change in the society. He persisted with his dream of creating a society where people would live to help each other. This has made the Foundation what it is today.

The foundation has developed to be successful in South Africa and globally. This has enabled the foundation to meet the needs of the different people in the various communities. The foundation has partnered with various organizations. This has enabled it to improve the lives of individuals. The foundation has earned partnerships with investors. This has developed it in the long run.

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