Goettl Shares Tips on How to Enhance Your HVAC Experience

The key to taking full advantage of your cool air usage in the summer is to keep up with AC maintenance. Your utility bills may be soaring due to the hot days of the season and you’re suffering the consequence of what shouldn’t be considered just a common creature comfort, but a way to prevent you and your family from suffering heat stroke or dehydration by sitting in a high temperature home. According to the HVAC experts at Goettl, there are some ways you can help you save money and still enjoy a consistent and comfortable temperature indoors.

Starting with keeping up with maintaining your cooling system, you should start out with having a quality HVAC system in the first place that will allow you to only have to do the occasional maintenance on it. After that first step is achieved, the maintenance on your quality system includes keeping the area on and around it free of debris, out of direct contact with the sun if it can be helped, and to replace your cooling system’s filter at least every 90 days or whenever you know it needs replacement. Also, remember to inspect the refrigeration lines for any leaks periodically. While you may be able to perform this occasional maintenance on your own, if you feel you are in need of an expert’s touch, then contacting a professional to help once in awhile will prove to be a benefit.

The HVAC industry leader Goettl has been around for a long time and servicing as a leading name in heating and cooling for decades. Goettl originated back in 1926 in Mansfield, Ohio, and was formed by the Goettl brothers who moved several years later to Phoenix, Arizona, during the Great Depression. The company became Arizona based and has gone on to provide quality heating and air conditioning solutions, improving through many patents the very technology used in the industry even today.

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