Searching for that Perfect Late Round Tight End Sleeper?


Tight ends on fantasy football team are often a second thought come draft day. Seasoned fantasy football team owners feel, there’s Rob Gronkowski, then everyone else. You still need to fill the tight end position every week, sometimes scratching your head over the best streaming option.



This year’s rookie tight end class has some interesting options. Here is a pair of early round selections that will be new additions to the available player list in your league. These two tight ends might prove themselves worthy as late-round draft fliers, quickly providing steady TE production.



  • David Njoku


The U, University of Miami in Coral Gables for those unfamiliar with NCAA football school monikers, has always been a hotbed for tight end production. Some of the best tight ends to navigate their way through NFL defenses have been Hurricanes.



Towards the end of the first round of the NFL draft, the Browns selected someone with the goal of being the best tight end in football. David Njoku has the pedigree to realistically reach that lofty goal.



Njoku, (pronounced nJOE-koo), is a physical specimen. He has the perfect build to be a devastating run blocker, plus the combination of wingspan to go with massive hands, giving whoever starts at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, an outstanding target. Look for the newest Hurricane tight end in pro football to continue the history of Miami greats.



  • Adam Shaheen


Well, the Bears seem destined to totally revamp their offensive mindset heading into the future. Jay Cutler is gone. Alshon Jeffery is gone. Chicago has a veteran tight end presence on the roster in Zach Miller, but Miller’s history indicates he might not suit from one week to the next.



If trading up to the second overall pick to get a QB didn’t run enough draft guru heads, position themselves in the second round to take a tight end, certainly did. So, you have to assume that the 45th player taken off the big board has a potentially bright future.



All total, the Bears have 6 tight ends currently occupying roster spots, with the most intriguing one being a 6’7″ 280 pound giant out of little old Ashland University in Ohio. Adam Shaheen immediately draws attention when he ducks his head out of the tunnel and jogs on the gridiron. Expect this newcomer to not only earn his jersey, but also soon become the Bear’s tight end of the future.

Before NFL rookie camps open in July, now might be a great time to take a break from your daily MLB lineup decisions, to plan a tight end draft strategy for the 2017 fantasy football season. Njoku and Shaheen are walking into nice situations that may make them a smart late-round flier in your 2017 fantasy football draft.


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