Fabletics: The Success Story Of Focusing Long-term Relationship With Customers

There was a time that online retailing was an excellent option for getting great business. But, the things have changed over the years, and it became difficult to succeed in e-commerce, especially in the recent years. The established online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and other retailers have changed that e-commerce ground and earn the significant share of business. However, the success story of Fabletics is an inspirational one because it could make a $250 million business within three years of starting the firm. The online retail firm which is selling workout fashion outfits founded by Kate Hudson is different from other e-tailers in many aspects, and that make the firm achieving great business year after year. See what makes the firm winning the heart of the customers



Reverse Showrooming and Online Data



It was a problem for many retailers that customers visit the retail showrooms check the products physically and buy it from where the price is least, mostly online. Many of the online customers are also not happy with the fact that they can’t check the product before purchasing. This is where Fabletics introduced a brilliant strategy of mixing both online and offline shopping experience. Fabletics set up its physical showrooms across the main cities in U.S., and this helps the customers to physically check the product from the showrooms and buy it from its own online store. It also uses, online shopping data effectively to prioritize the products. Fabletics welcomes customers to its showroom to check the product, and they become its customers at the end.



The Products are the Winners



The deciding factor of any type of retailing is its products. Mostly three factors are essential for the fashion industry, and that are quality, value, and style. When it comes to quality of the outfits, it sticks to the body and expands and contract while wearing and removing it. The tops are smooth and the leggings are thin, and that give great comfort in wearing it. The outfits do not fade or lose its shape over the time. When it comes to value, most of the outfits listed in Fabletics are priced at least 30 percent lesser than similar quality products listed with other online retailers. In the case of style, the outfits are showcasing brilliant designs with solid colors that attract everyone. Be it the cut-outs, bold patterns, or sheer fabrics, the outfits score much better than any other competing products.



VIP Membership Plan



Fabletics also did a brilliant strategy by introducing a monthly subscription plan called VIP Membership Plan. The monthly charge is $49.95, and if any member wants to skip the payment of a month, she has the option to make it. While charging the amount, Fabletics sends outfits worth the amount according to the customers’ fashion tastes and style requirements. It also gives free goodies and provides options to make purchases on the site up to 50 percent discount. While joining the program, every member has to fill some questionnaire regarding her fashion taste and reception. Fabletics uses this information to offer customized fashion outfits to each customer. A new bond is created between the customer and Fabletics.

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