Leftkofsky’s New Company Using Data to Help Fight Cancer

Thanks to Eric Lefkofsky and his company, Tempus, doctors fighting breast cancer will have a new tool to utilize for their cause. Tempus has announced a plan to help cancer doctors at the University of Chicago by providing them with data they hadn’t previously had accessed to. The fit works well because Tempus is a Chicago-based data technology company.The goal of this data is to help doctors create more personalized treatment plans for breast cancer patients. The belief is that more personalized treatment programs will give medical professionals a better chance when fighting the disease. To help with this, researchers at Tempus have analyzed 1,000 breast cancer cases to get this data.

Thanks to the efforts of Tempus, doctors have access to more genetics-based data on breat cancer. Surprisingly, this is something that professionals have not had in the past. It will be a huge tool for them in their quest to develop effective treatment plans for their breast cancer patients.The University of Chicago is the first medical center in Chicago to partner with Tempus and use their breast cancer data, but not the first in the country to do so. The start up has forged partnerships with The University of Michigan, The Mayo Clinic, and a few other medical centers in just two years of existence.

Eric Lefkofsky is a Chicago-based entrepreneur that is most widely known for being the CEO of GroupOn. He has also founded a myriad of other technology companies and even a venture capital firm called Lightbank.He is originally from Michigan and has both an undergraduate and a law degree from the Univeristy of Michigan. GroupOn is one of the most successful US companies on the stock market since Google with their IPO hitting the market at the highest price since Google’s intial offering. GroupOn was also referred to by Forbes magazine as the fastest growing company in the world in 2010.On top of his entrepreneurial pursuits, Leftkofsky is also very active in his community, serving on the board of the Children’s Hospital and the Art Institute of Chicago. He and wife also run the Leftkofsky Foundation, a charitable trust.

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