EOS Lip Balm’s Sky Rocket to Fame!

With plans to empower women world over with a simple design that could enhance an every day experience, Craig Dubitsky set forth with a vision and a plan to make something lasting that could empower and inspire women every time they applied his product to their face. By designing a pastel painted egg that was filled in a similar content to lip balm buckets but without the negative implications of an unhygienic bowl that one would have to constantly be dipping their finger in to, Dubitsky decided the way to go was obviously to take the general design and tweak it till it was so much better that no one would ever be able to say no to their tremendous product… And that’s exactly what he did.

Sooner than he could imagine, these perfect little eggs that clicked opened and closed with an audible “snap” sound were taking over Walmart, Walgreens and Target all over the world! these creations were a genius way to fill in the empty space in the lip care industry that was currently being stuffed full of medical type applications that made taking care of our lips feel like a chore. Seeing that lotion had been made into favorite smells and colors that made the sales go up and made women genuinely excited to engage in skin care, Dubitsky decided to try the same thing with lip care and struck gold. Today, people like Miley Cyrus and Jeniffer Lopez are toting his EOS Lip Balms out and around the town and proudly showing off these sweet concoctions in their music videos! Loved by celebrities, school girls, mothers, business women, bookworms, and athletes alike, EOS Lip Balm is most definitely a brand for everybody to love and enjoy every morning with the bonus of making it their own!

EOS website: https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/

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