Status Labs Practices What It Preaches

What do you do if you are involved in a scandal? Normally, you would turn to an online reputation management company. Buy what if you are a reputation management company in the midst of a scandal? Where do you turn? If you are Darius Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Labs, you turn to your […]

This Family is Among the Biggest Donors

When it comes to major donors in the United States, the DeVos family, based in Michigan, is among them. Some of their donations focus on assisting conservative causes, including think tanks, while others seek to donate to educational causes as well as Christian nonprofit organizations that help the poorest residents in urban areas. Overall, the […]

Plan For Your Future

According to the Social Security Administration, in May 2016, the average retirement benefit for social security is $1,347.59 per month. Can you and your family survive on just over $1,300 a month? If you are like most people, then your answer is no. Don’t worry and stress about how you are going to be able […]