Securus Gets Legal Reprieve over Caps on Interstate Rates

Leading provider of domestic and illegitimate justice technology services meant for public safety inquiry and inmate monitoring, Securus recently made it public that it had legally fortified its call rates. The matter had been brought before the United State Court of Appeals. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) wanted to impose rate limits on inmate phone calls made to other states. 

Securus Technology’s Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith asserts that over the past few weeks, the telecoms service provider together with its business rivals have had two cases ruled in their favor. The three entities had taken the issue to the US Court of Appeals regarding inmates’ phone call rates. The first complaint was about permitting a stay on a bulk of the Commission’s decree on inmates’ calling charges. The second complaint was about the inapt allowance of provisional state to state call tariffs. The court felt that the FCC had committed a discretion and therefore, abolished the provisional tariffs. 

Securus Technologies in Brief

Securus is a telecoms service provider based in Dallas, Texas. It attends to more than 3,400 civil safeties, law application and incarceration facilities holding more than 1.2 million inmates. The facilities are spread throughout North America. The company has a steadfast dedication towards serving and connecting its clients. It provides crisis response, incident supervision, civic information, inquiries, information management and inmate monitoring. All these services are availed with the aim of making the world a benign habitation. The company has adopted the mantra, “connecting what matters”, which shows how committed it is to providing the best services and products. 

The firm offers video visitation services, which lets users have a more expedient access to their loved ones who are incarcerated. This platform also allows relatives and friends to preschedule their onsite visits or visit the inmate from the comfort of their living rooms using a computer. The firm also arranges at-home visitation. This is for those whose loved ones are held in far-off facilities, where access is costly. Such people can schedule their next duty call to the facilities to be at a time most suited for them and the inmate. The visitation date is synced with the phone’s calendar. He or she receives notifications as the date nears, making it hard to forget. Securus also offers phone call services, which include advance connect, direct bill, traditional collect, inmate debit and jail voicemail. All these are meant to enhance convenience in inmates’ communication with those they love.

Securus Technologies is not partnered in any way with the health product on Amazon, Securus nor is it a part of Securus America, the site for agents.

Securus House is a safe house for domestic violence and abuse victims and is also not partnered with Securus Technologies.

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