Story of Yeonmi Park

Within the past few years, one of the most heartbreaking human rights stories to emerge has been that of Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector. As soon as Yeonmi started speaking on youngvoicesadvocates, her stories immediately engaged worldwide audiences. Some of her speeches went viral on Youtube and, as occurs with most famous North Korean […]


Slyce has announced a new and finalized contract with a Fortune 500 toy company for a new visual search product. It will lead to doubled revenue in the signed contract time by providing its services to the enterprise. It also used the opportunity to announce the launch of its new proprietary retail technology. It is […]

Businessman Raising Funds For Great Causes

The months are getting colder as the end of the year quickly approaches. No state knows this better than Colorado. Parts of the Denver area are hit with freezing cold temperatures and huge snowfall totals. Typically, this only is a minor inconvenience to most residents of Denver. It is something much more serious for all […]