NuoDB: Offering Efficiency For Cloud Apllications

NuoDB is a company that is dedicated to offering some of the best services when it comes to cloud computing and database management. The company is considered to be a pioneer when it comes to SQL based computing, and offers a wide range of services to clients who come to them for SQL needs when it comes to cloud based applications that they use.

The company has been in the business since 2008 and since then has grown to be one of the more prominent names in the IT industry. The company has had a vast list of clients, ranging from small businesses to large corporate firms. The clients that they have served have come to them from all over the country, and depend on NuoDB to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the applications that they use.

The company takes great care to ensure that their customers are getting the best services when they come to them. The company has some of the best professional advisors on board to help gauge what it really is that their clients need, and tries their best to offer them something in adherence with that. The company has been featured numerous times in newspapers and magazines for their impeccable services and technology that they use.

How Aloha Construction Maintains its Good Reputation in the Highly-competitive Construction Industry

The construction industry in the U.S. is one of the fastest growing industries in terms of employment creation. One of the construction firms that have contributed to the increase in employment opportunities is Aloha Construction. The company lies at the heart of Lake Zurich, Illinois, and operates as a family-owned venture. It is manned by experienced general contractors whose devotion to service delivery is targeted at customer satisfaction.

Commitment to excellence

Aloha Construction established a good reputation in the construction industry for successfully carrying out over 18,000 projects. Most of these developmental projects are situated in Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. Aloha’s general contractors are also reputable for diligently helping clients with free inspection services. Inspection in this context entails letting clients know how much it would cost them for a particular project to be carried out.

Service portfolio

Clients in need of construction services, such as attic ventilation, flashing, repair of damaged shingles and local roofing and siding, should trust Aloha Construction to fulfill their wishes. The Aloha’s professional team, which consists of office staff, field supervisors, managers, inspectors, and installers, is committed to excellent service delivery. These professionals also value time management as a principle that enables them to meet customers’ demands in time.

As an individual seeking excellent roofing services, do not hesitate to give Aloha Construction a call. Contact details of the firm are posted on the company’s official website. Besides roofing, you can entrust Aloha Construction with the job of remodeling and upgrading your house. For more info about us: click here.

The company can install sprout systems and gutters on your house for stormwater management purposes. This service is aimed at trapping rainwater that could destroy the concrete and prevent ground erosion. The general contractors can also help in fixing soffit and fascia, replace single and multiple screens, and install doors made of vinyl or wood.

Keeping Tabs with Jose Auriemo Neto’s Show of Might in Brazil’s Real Estate Industry

With José Auriemo Neto leading the JHSF Group, the company has known nothing but success. Being its CEO and executive chairman, Jose has made it his job to help the real estate firm to dominate the local industry and at the same time extend its services outside Brazil. In 2008, he led JHSF in establishing a base in Bahio by constructing Horto Bela Vista- a private neighborhood estate.

Horto Bela Vista

Jose Auriemo made sure that the launching of Horto Bela Vista was done in style, color, and glamour. On 30th July 2008, he organized a once in a lifetime event at Castro Alves Theater where guests were treated to an entertaining concert. Some of the notable artists who entertained guests at the event included Frank Sinatra Jr., an international singer based in the USA, and singer Gal Costa who was a special appearance. The audience was treated to hits such as Girl from Ipanema, My Way, and New York, New York. At the end of it all, Jose Auriemo and his entire team at JHSF Group had managed to break ground for future success in Bahio’s real estate sector.

Catarina Airport in Sao Roque

Fast forward to 2013 and Jose led JHSF Group in signing a lucrative business deal with Mayor Daniel de Oliveira Costa of Brasilia for the construction of Catarina Airport in Sao Roque. The deal that was estimated to be worth R $1.2 Billion stands out as one of the biggest deals JHSF Group ever sealed under Jose Auriemo. The project started in September 2013 and was to continue up to 2015. To know more about him click here.

According to plan, Catarina Airport was designed to cover a ground space of approximately two million square meters and have an expansion area of 2500 square meters. After sealing the deal, Jose revealed that the airport would be largely used for domestic aviation and would, therefore, reduce road congestion in both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Catarina Fashion Outlet

Still in Sao Roque, Jose Auriemo and JHSF were opening the Catarina Fashion Outlet in October 2013. The fashion outlet was developed by JHSF as part of a greater plan of a Catarina Business Center. This outlet hosts stores, food restaurants, and cinema hall. It also has a wide parking area.


Cancer Treament Centers of America Partners With NFL to Tackle Screenings

The healthcare provider Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently teamed up with some big names in order to spread awareness about prostate cancer and encourage getting screened. Famous coaches and athletes from the NFL’s Alumni Association have partnered with Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp to educate men, especially those over 40 years old, about the risk of prostate cancer. The collaborative effort also seeks to make screenings more widely accessible.

A total of 2,000 men who meet the requirements will be able to receive a free prostate cancer screening at one of the hundreds of LabCorp locations throughout the United States. After the initial spots have been taken, the campaign will continue by offering additional screenings at a discounted rate of $25 for other individuals. The special screening period will last for six months.

Public service announcements will air on television and include NFL coaches who will speak on the importance of the screenings. In addition, major events will occur at four of the five Cancer Treatment Centers of America locations as part of the campaign. Events will include speaking segments from former NFL players and cancer treatment specialists.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson. The limited treatment options available at the time ultimately inspired Stephenson to create a medical service dedicated to oncology. The organization now consists of five different hospitals across the United States, with the headquarters located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Being solely focused on a specific ailment allows Cancer Treatment Centers of America to offer some of the most comprehensive options available. Patients in need of treatment will have a personalized approach to a cure that can include surgery, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy. Specialists working with the organization also help each patient treat the symptoms of cancer treatment through the most effective methods.

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James Dondero, Bettering Dallas through Charitable Activities

The residents of Dallas are not strangers to the name James Dondero, owing to his donations to non-profits and charities in the Dallas-area. James Dondero, commonly referred to as Jim, is the president of Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero has been the President and Secretary of Highland Acquisition Corporation since 1993 and also served as the chairman of Board of Directors at NexPoint Hospitality Trust Inc.

Jim co-founded Highland Capital Management and manages the private equity business where he is tasked with the execution of Highland Capital’s strategic investment and operational initiatives. James Dondero’s company has about $14 billion in assets under management. The company has several affiliates which include Acis Capital Management and Nexpoint Advisors among others.

Jim’s career journey began in 1984 as an analyst when he was accepted into the Morgan Guaranty Training Program after graduating from the University of Virginia where he earned dual majors in Accounting and financing. He later joined American Express where he served as portfolio manager for approximately $1 billion in fixed income funds. He left American Express in 1989.

James is a resident of Dallas, TX, and recently came out as a hero for the Dallas zoo after he brought back hippos which had disappeared from the zoo for close to 15 years ago. He rebuilt the hippo outpost which required almost $14 million. This gave the residents of Dallas a chance to view the gentle beasts. James is also a participant in other charity projects in Dallas such as George. W. Bush Presidential Library, the Perot Museum, and the Snowball among other projects.

Jim Dondero was recently appointed to the Board of Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business, which only builds on the commitment that his company, Highland Capital, has already shown to SMU through their Towers Scholar program. SMU Cox School of Business is an integral part of Dallas through the vibrant business activities in the city. He also serves as a board member of Jernigan Capital and MGM Studios. Highland Capital has its headquarters in Dallas, but also has other offices in Singapore, Sao Paulo, and New York.

3 Freedom Debt Relief Reviews That Show You This Company Is The Real Deal

If you are looking for Freedom Debt Relief reviews you have come to the right place. Read on to see how this company has helped thousands of people transform their lives.

Review #1 – Julie M. Was Able To Help Her Marriage

Of all the Freedom Debt Relief reviews you will read, this is by far one of the most touching. Julie M. and her husband fell on hard times after he was laid off from his job. Once their reserve ran out they were forced to live off of their credits cards.

And as you very well know, living off of credit cards is usually a recipe for disaster. She said before contacting Freedom Debt Relief things were looking scary and very uncertain. Now things are looking up and she says this process has helped her marriage.

Review #2 – Gary Was Hanging On By His Fingernails

Freedom Debt Relief reviews like this one are becoming more and more common. Gary is an independent contractor and had a few down months that caused money to be short. Over time he got into more and more debt until he was hanging on by his fingernails.

He knew he had to do something and that’s when he contacted FDR. They worked with him to create a plan that put him on the path to debt freedom.

Review #3 – Kayvon P. Fell Into The Trap Of Only Paying The Minimum Payment

For Kayvon P. getting credit cards was all too easy. Offers would come in the mail and he would accept them. Eventually it got to a point where he was spread too thin and unable to make all of his monthly payments.

He decided it was time to make a change and that’s when he contacted FDR. He is now 100% debt free.

These are just a few of the many Freedom Debt Relief reviews you will find online. To hear more reviews from happy customers visit testimonials.

Sawyer Howitt Talks About How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur At A Young Age

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur that brings many years of experience to the industry of finances while working for his father’s business. He has recently taken notice of the skills that many have offered in relation to their age. Many people may think that millennials have a sense of entitlement and they may not want to work hard for what they have. However, Howitt takes special notion in pointing how young entrepreneurs can become and remain successful in the business world. The stereotypes can be abolished, leaving a generation of prosperity and wisdom.

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Mr. Howitt brings up the fact that the millennials typically start their business endeavors in their mid-20’s, which many have experienced in the older generation starting in their 30’s. A company that reports business findings called Fortune, states that millennials are starting more businesses than the baby boomers ever did, and they are bringing in more of a profit. With the years of experience and success that Howitt has, Sawyer Howitt capitalizes on five different ways that young businesses can stand up for what they believe.

The first step is acquiring the ability to prove your value. You may be looked at differently than someone with years of experience because of your age, but you can excel by promoting your knowledge and accomplishments. By working diligently and effectively, you will envelop results that cannot be ignored by older executives. One of the most important steps and values is to be honest. When working with other business professionals, it’s entirely too important to uphold honest standards and perform work with integrity and positive mannerisms. The third step entitles a self-evaluation as one with the ability to market their efforts. Make sure that your hard work and efforts do not go unnoticed. With a world of experienced and highly qualified professionals, you don’t want to ever give up on your ideas. They are valuable and exquisite, so make sure that they are being focused on as well. Last but not least, ensure that you turn your age into an advantage. Howitt talks about how being younger can give you leverage to work longer hours or at inconvenient times compared to those who have families.

Sawyer Howitt works as a project manager in his father’s company, David Howitt, Meriwether Group.

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Why Madison Street Capital is a Go-to Financial Services Company

Madison Street Capital, a Chicago-based financial services firm, has a reputation for providing financial advice to enterprises all over the globe. It also assists its clients to navigate complex transactions, make informed investment decisions, and access credit. In fact, Madison Street Capital earned its reputation through successfully helping a broad range of popular enterprises/companies such as Vital Care Industries. Here are some of the other accomplishments that have helped to cement Madison Street Capital’s reputation.


The Recognition of Anthony Marsala


Anthony Marsala is one of the renowned co-founders of Madison Street Capital. The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts awarded him under the 40 Under Forty category. The recognition is given to young business individuals with impressive accomplishments revolving around valuations and mergers among other related exploits.


Industry Awards/Recognitions


In January 2017, Madison scooped the Turnaround Award. This recognition acknowledged the firm’s role in 2016’s restructuring deal whose value was below $25 million. Additionally, Madison Street Capital was named as one of the M&A Advisor Awards finalists during the summer of 2016. The firm scooped the finalist position mainly due to its role in facilitating the best merger transaction valued under $100 million.


Philanthropic Endeavors


Away from business, Madison Street Capital has enhanced its popularity through making charitable donations. It made significant contributions during 2011 after harsh weather conditions damaged parts of the United States. Furthermore, Madison makes charitable contributions to various non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross and United Way.


To maintain business success is not an easy feat. However, Madison has strived to do so through award winning professionals like Marsala, scooping industry recognitions, supporting the community and providing valuable services to renowned companies. Learn more:


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital, a financial services company, established in 2005. It has the appropriate experience, extensive relationships, and knowledge to match other leading middle market investment banking institutions. The firm also delivers a broad range of financial services such as financial opinions, valuation for financial reporting, corporate advisory and business valuation just to mention a few. Madison is also well known for providing customers with unparalleled mergers and acquisition services.


As one of the leading middle market banking firms, Madison Street Capital is a go-to firm for clients seeking acquisitions, building a sound exit plan or those looking for a favorable lending partner. Currently, the firm’s operations are spread out across the globe in various locations like Asia, Africa, and North America. Additionally, Madison firmly believes in supporting the community through donating to charitable organizations such as United Way.



The Brown Modeling Agency – An industry leader in central Texas

The Brown Modeling Agency was established in 2010 and has become one of the most highly respected modeling agencies in central Texas. The Brown Agency quickly became an industry leader by delivering on market standards and establishing Austin as provider of world-renowned talent. Since its opening, it has placed Austin models in a position to work for the largest brands in the world such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and L’Oréal and thousands of other known companies. Brown Agency models have graced the runways for Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and numerous other shows as well.

The Brown Agency not only specializes in print advertising but also film, television, commercials, runway and editorials. At a time when Austin taking off, The Brown Agency is at the right place at the right time. The days of runway shows in bars are over, Austin has quickly become a leader in the fashion/entertainment industry and the agency is fully optimizing on that opportunity.

The Brown Agency believes that they are only as good as their talent as stated by their president Justin Brown, he prides himself in continuing to deliver value. The Brown Agency is often categorized as a reliable resource for talent. They have achieved this by selecting the best, believing in the honesty of their actors to tell a story and helping their models become that best that they can be. This allows The Brown Agency to deliver the most professional, elegant and dependable talent that Austin has to offer. Their main job is to manage expectations and it seems like they are doing an excellent job so far.

The Brown Agency is able to supply on the demand in the market, Justin Brown highlights the differences. In Austin, they are looking for a more cool vibe, more alternative — piercings, tattoos, funky hair,” he says. “Dallas, for instance, more conservative. This flexibility continues to allow the agency to grow and develop.

You can learn more about The Brown Agency by visiting their blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by clicking on the following links:


Fabletics is Taking the World by Storm

There are a lot of successful companies that start on the Internet. Fabletics is one of these companies. You might be wondering how they started and what makes them so great.


Fabletics Online

Fabletics started and still works with a different kind of system than traditional online stores. They work with a subscription system that allows you to choose the style that you love and then you will get that style of outfit every month until you change the style or you cancel it. This makes the whole online store thing that much more fun and easy to do.


You can order items that are online, but that are not in the subscription service itself. So you can still shop the same way you always have online, but you don’t have to just buy your exercise clothing through the stores. You can set it up and then not think about it.


Fabletics Stores

There are a few stores that are popping up in the larger cities. These stores are set up like a traditional storefront because they allow you to still get the Fabletics clothing but you can try it on first and feel it. Trying it on ensures you like the way the clothing looks before you buy it. This makes things that much better for when you wear it later on. You can also see the colors in your clothing. That makes choosing a style easier and more accurate.


Storefronts like this can give you a great idea of what the clothing is going to be when you get it if you just have a subscription. This will make you see how great it is and how good of quality you can have in your exercise clothing. This option is the best one if you are still on the fence about buying Fabletics for yourself. You will know what you are getting before you get it.


There are so many different options for your clothing needs, but Fabletics is a great place to start. You will get clothing that is of great quality as well as stylish and fun. This is why you should give Fabletics a try. This way you will know you are getting the best one for your needs. The last thing you want is clothing that isn’t going to make you feel your best and Fabletics can. What are you waiting for, get your Fabletics today online or in Store.