Homeowners Need Good Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is taking the World by storm and is truly changing the way people are lighting their homes each and every day. Gooee has been one of the best companies for you to make yourself when it comes to switching to Smart lighting all throughout the house. Smart lighting is beneficial because of the fact that it enables you to turn lights on and off from smartphone devices that you might have and this can help you to save lots of money in the long run because you are simply not leaving Lighting on when you are not in the house. This is why so many people have been switching to Gooee smart lighting and are thrilled with the results that come from it.

If you are interested in learning more about Gooee smart lighting or would like to implement it in your own home, it is a good idea for you to visit the website so that you can learn as much as possible about this amazing option. This option has been beneficial for a variety of different people and control help you to cut your electricity costs almost by half just by having greater control of the lighting that is in your home. You can turn lights on and off from a smartphone or tablet device even if you are nowhere near the house at all. Be sure to check out Gooee as the company of your choosing when switching to Smart lighting and to see if this is a good option for you as it has been for a lot of other homeowners.

James Dondero Is Now A Member Of The SMU School Of Business Board

Highland Capital Management CEO, James Dondero has now accepted a position as a chair on the Executive Board of SMU’s Cox School of Business. Dondero is honored to be given this position, and has spoken of how SMU’s business school has graduated great business leaders in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Highland Capital has already contributed to scholarship programs for SMU, including the Tower Scholars and Dondero will now be advising the faculty and students at Cox in business strategy. This position is one of many that Dondero has acquired over the years.

James Dondero went into finance and accounting back in 1984 after graduating with high honors from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. James started in the Morgan Guaranty credit analyst training program, and then became a corporate bond analyst at American Express bank. He stayed on at American Express till 1989 when he met Mark Okada, and together in partnership with Protective Life Insurance Corporation they took on the management of the GIC subsidiary.

Dondero helped grow this subsidiary from mere concept in 1990, to a full $2 billion asset management company by 1993. This company was first known as PAMCO, a wealth management firm specializing mostly in fixed income markets until 1997. After Dondero and Okada purchased full ownership of PAMCO, it was renamed to Highland Capital.

Today Highland Capital has a wide variety of portfolios they manage in various markets, ranging from emerging markets, healthcare investments, public and private equity, real estate, and various distress and special situation investments.

Highland Capital is known especially for its issuing of collateralized loan obligations, specialized loans that are pooled together in tranches and bought and sold by various investors. But James Dondero and his company are also active philanthropists in the Dallas community, sponsoring non-profit groups such as Uplift Education, the American Heart Association, the George W Bush Presidential Center, and giving to current and former military servicemen.

Learn more about James Dandero: http://thedallasjournal.org/the-career-achievements-of-james-dondero/

Town Residential Exudes Professionalism

There is a certain level of professionalism that is found in the real estate agents of Town Residential that cannot be found in nearly any other real estate agency in the city. It has allowed them to become the best in combination with their best practices and their ability to help people.

Town Residential believes that they should be able to help any client who needs the help that they have to offer. They want to make sure that their clients are getting the best experience possible and this means that they must work extra hard to help them out. They see this as their best practice and make sure that every client is able to get that no matter what they are looking for in a home or what they are hoping to find while they are in New York City looking for real estate.

It has not been a perfect road for Town Residential, but they have been able to be really successful. There are many ways in which they help clients, but finding homes when nobody else is able to is one of the biggest ways that they have helped their clients. The New York City real estate market has a huge following and has a lot of people who are looking for different things in the market. Town Residential has given these people exactly what they are looking for and has given them a chance to find homes when nobody else would give them that chance.

When it comes to helping clients, Town Residential is not afraid to go the extra mile. They will look in different New York areas than what other residential companies will and this has given them an advantage over the other real estate companies in the business in New York City. It has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing things right and that they are getting the most out of the business. They go the extra mile for all of their clients so that they will be able to get more out of the business that they have done.

Now that Town Residential has been so successful, they are confident in their ability to grow. This shows in the opening of their tenth office. Something that does not happen often in New York City is a company being successful enough to open ten offices. What is even more rare is for that company to be a real estate company. Town Residential has sealed the deal of being one of the best real estate companies in the city with the recent opening of the tenth office for their business on the Hudson for people who are able to do more.


Getting Food Products from the OSI Group

Food products can sometimes be difficult to find and purchase at affordable prices. The reason for this is because a lot of companies over charge for their food that they are offering to the public. If you are a restaurant or business that relies a lot on buying food products, it is very important that you think about going with the OSI Group company. OSI has delivered a variety of different food products to anyone in the industry and it is something that you will find to be highly beneficial in more ways than one. This is a great option for anyone who might be involved and can easily help you to feel confident when making your final purchase.

One of the best things about the OSI Group company is that they have been in business for quite some time now and has helped a variety of different restaurants get the products that they need. This basically means that you are using a company that has a lot of experience and works with a variety of different businesses so that they can meet the needs of each and every person that comes their way. You will also find that because they have a variety of clients, they are able to offer you products at great prices and discount things simply because they have a lot of people who they give food to.

The OSI Group company (http://www.osigroup.com/) is one of the best options out there for you and can easily be something that you choose for yourself if you are struggling to find great products at affordable prices. It is never a good idea for you to consider buying all of the products on your own from a variety of different companies because this just causes you to waste time and spend more money than you probably have. This is why it is very important for you to buy all of your products from a good company you can trust and know that the quality of the ingredients that are being delivered are completely top notch. While there are many different companies out there for you to choose, the OSI Group company is one of the top and you can feel confident knowing that this is a company you can trust for each and every one of your food quality needs that will help you to feel confident in your decision to choose them as your food provider.

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Lovaganza Celebrations Postponed to 2020

The Lovaganza is a cultural event that has been inspired by events from today, from the past and also from the future. The event will take place from May 2020 and end in September the same year. This cultural event had been planned to take place next year, but those plans were canceled due to various reasons. Some of the reasons that were cited said that Lovaganza’s event had been postponed so that it can be able to use the latest emerging technologies and at the same time make use of new cutting edge concepts. The event’s organizers also said that they had postponed the event so that participants could experience the cultures of this world in a better way.

The event organizers also said that the event will take place in all parts of the world. No continent will be left behind as eight locations have already been selected in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, and America and even in middle-east. The main aim of this event is showcase all the cultures of this world. The event organizers of Lovaganza plan to achieve this through the use of immersive attractions as well as exhibitions and motion pictures. The event has been inspired by the Bohemian adventure.

Read more: Lovaganza on Vimeo

To show the seriousness of the event, event organizers have organized a traveling show before the big event. They aim to advertise the Lovaganza as well as its goals and mission using this traveling show. The traveling show also has a mission of presenting a sample of the cinematic-free 3D immersive experience that will come along with the Lovaganza. The event organizers are also planning to release three major motion pictures before the traveling show. Shooting for these three films is underway as it is happening in various parts of the globe such as United States of America, France, and Spain. The event organizers also said that filming would begin in Africa and India very soon.

But how are the organizers planning for this big event? The event organizers have divided the Lovaganza into two parts. There is the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise that is profit based and the Lovaganza Foundation that is not profit oriented. The first part mainly deals with providing global entertainment to inspire and motivate the audiences. In the process of inspiring, the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise makes profit. On the other hand, some of the profit made from the Entertainment franchise is used to fund the Lovaganza Foundation. The main aim of this foundation is to make a difference in this world.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://lovaganza.wikidot.com/

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Labaton Sucharow Helps Score Second Largest Reward

Labaton Sucharow is a law firm that works only with people who want to blow the whistle on SEC practices. They are a firm that has worked with many different people and they have made sure that the people that they work with are ones who truly need the help. They have made themselves available to anyone who wants to blow the whistle, no matter what is going on with the SEC or what they are trying to talk about the practices that are going on in the SEC. The law firm is dedicated to these people. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/second-largest-sec-whistleblower-award-granted-to-labaton-sucharow-client-300282555.html

The SEC has a whistleblower program. This is designed for people who know information that could be valuable for the agency to know about but who may also not feel comfortable coming forward with the information. The commission wants people to know that they will be rewarded for talking about things that are going on in the program so that they will not miss out on any money and so that they will not be punished as a result of coming forward with information about the problems that are going on in the SEC. This is something that has been done to improve the SEC.

Many times, people do not blow the whistle because the ones who are participating in the malpractices are the people who are their supervisors. They threaten the people with their job if they were to tell on them or they offer them rewards for keeping their mouths shut about the things that are going on in the SEC. The commission created the whistleblower program to make sure that people felt they were able to come forward with information. They are guaranteed a reward and are also granted immunity from any retaliation that could come from their supervisors.

While the whistleblower program is great, people should also consider getting an attorney before they bring any information forward. That is what Labaton Sucharow is there for and that is the reason that they have been able to help their client score the second largest SEC reward in the history of the whistleblower program. They have made sure that they are able to help their clients get even more of a reward than they would have if they had made the choice to come forward to the SEC on their own. Their expertise helps them help clients.

Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Sues Insurance Company

The former ownership group of the NBA franchise Atlanta Hawks has filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance company for breach of contract.

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE), and former controlling partner Bruce Levenson are suing the insurance company (also know as AIG) over a settlement of claims made by Danny Ferry, the Hawks former general manager.

AHBE’s lawsuit was filed on September 13th in the Superior Court of Fulton County. The suit is a civil action for breach or contract as well as bad faith on the part of AIG. At the heart of the suit is the claim made by AHBE that it was covered under an insurance policy for losses brought about by acts of “wrongful termination” and “workplace torts”.

The Hawks and AHBE ended their relationship with Ferry on June 22, 2015. Two days later, the sale of the Hawks was approved. According to claims made by AHBE, the notified AIG on April 2, 2015, that they believed they were covered for claims made by Ferry.

According to the lawsuit, AIG has refused to pay to cover the loss that AHBE has suffered and that the insurance company has acted in bad faith.

Bruce Levenson, the former controlling partner of ABHE, is the co-founder and partner at United Communications Group and is co-owner of the WNBA franchise Atlanta Spirit basketball team. Visit brucelevenson.com for more info.




Indian Hospitality Industy Is Gearing Up For Online Reputation Management

In the age of Internet, it is far easier to start a business than to maintain its positive reputation. As more consumers rely on the Internet to read product and service reviews, businesses from developing nations are also becoming eager to maintain a solid reputation. Likewise, Indian entrepreneurs have also taken this opportunity to start offering online reputation management services.

The India based Repup is an example of the new class of entrepreneurs serving a growing number of online hospitality services in India. The need for online reputation management is evident by the fact that Internet users in India have almost doubled within just two years. For instance, online hotel bookings in India increased from $3.5 Million, in 2014, to $8.4 Million, in 2016. Accordingly, Google India reports that the online booking Industry in the country is worth nearly $1.8 Billion.

Recently, the co-founder and CEO of Repup, Pranjal Prashar, has attracted a lot of attention from major Indian hotel groups. As increasing number of Indians turn to hotel booking websites such as “Make My Trip”, it is becoming important for hotels and hotel chains to maintain their integrity in the online space where every Indian reads at least three online reputation reviews before making a decision to book a hotel.

As for Repup, they provide semantic technology that intelligently delivers user-friendly data to hotel management regarding their reputation on particular websites. The advanced online reputation management platform also helps hotels analyze original review data with almost 90-percent accuracy. This year, Repup plans to add another 2,000 clients to their list of customers.

Interestingly, Repup is not the only company that is working on online reputation management. In fact, there are lots of other companies that compete with Repup. Some of these include local players such as RateGain while others are international companies such as Medallia. The growing presence of online reputation management companies in India proves that Indian market is also becoming aware of the needs to maintain their brand reputation as it can affect their revenues. For hotel industry, Repup concluded that 1 percent increase in reputation score results in 6.9 percent increase in Average Daily Rate and 1.4 percent increase in occupancy.

Helane Morrison: Former SEC Lawyer and Compliance Officer at Hall Capital

Helane Morrison, Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners, a major financial firm in San Francisco, graduated from Northwestern University with an undergraduate degree in Journalism. She went on to attend law school at UC Berkeley, where she was editor of the law review. After law school, she clerked for a federal appellate judge and Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun.


In 1986, Helane joined the major Bay Area law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, where she was made partner in 1991. At the firm, her focus was securities law and she built up a solid reputation in financial and securities litigation.

She left private practice to head up enforcement for the SEC’s northern California office and was promoted to head of the San Francisco office in 1999. At the SEC, she fought for the rights of investors and took several companies to court for fraud and other deceptive practices. In 2007, she left the SEC to join Hall Capital Partners, a woman-operated investment and financial firm.


In 2012, she participated on a panel at a conference about private fund ethics. On the panel, she argued that ethical behavior is required of everyone soliciting investments, not only registered representatives, and that non-registered individuals are still subject to laws against false advertising and puffery. She added that in the world of private equity, it is common for companies to use net rather than gross numbers, which is highly misleading. Private equity is also not exempt from disclosures about past performance not being an indication of future success.



IAP’s Worldwide unbeatable logistic solutions

IAP Worldwide is an internationally recognized company that has served customers for more than 60 years. It is renowned for offering first class programs in management and logistics. In the 21st century, customers face myriad of challenges most of which are complex. IAP has proven that, despite this challenges, it come up with solutions to their problems. They offer innovative, safe, and reliable solutions.

From a humble beginning, IAP Worldwide was founded in the year 2004 in Irmo. The aim was to start a company would offer innovative solutions. It specializes in logistics and procurement, which over the years must keep track of technological growth on careercast.com. The company started distributing generators to US army officers stationed in Afghanistan. It has grown to the point of serving during major military and combat situations notably the Operation Desert Storm.

In the year 2005, it was at the top of the logistics industry. It has serviced several lucrative government contracts since then. The following year, G3 Systems Ltd was introduced on jobs.net. It is an engineering company based in the United Kingdom but with branches in other countries. It has a broad range of services to the government and other potential clients. It also provides facilities and other solutions to their customers such as maintenance of infrastructure and other services in the whole world. It has the professionalism and experience in working in wide variety of environment irrespective of their degree of harshness.

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In the year 2014, the company was restructured as there was a change in ownership hence there came new board of directors. There are now over one thousand employees who are located in different countries in over twenty countries. The company now serves over 175,000 personnel in the United States and the Middle East. IAP Worldwide is now able to assists the clients in ensuring there is the provision of healthcare, and the environment is protected due to the advanced technology and scientific innovation it possesses.

It has collaborated with the United States military and due to the high technology and better provisions of services and solutions to problems, it can win procurements even from international clients. Customers ask for services such as generation of mobile power, transportation, and disaster management services.

They have been able to handle many challenges from managing disasters to battlefields. Their experience, expertise, and determination of top-notch offer solution is undeniable. They are always ready to serve people in areas such as planning, dealing with complicated logistics and challenges that are technical.